Sunday, February 15, 2009


It is painfully obvious to me that God has used America in the past. The great wars against fascism and communism. Our timely creation allowed the testing of a new model of government - one that offered more individual liberty than any before it. Our economic system brought great power and freedom to millions who did not have it before. If you were to write the obituary of the US, the achievements would be great. The ideals exemplified would be good, wholesome, and worthy following.

Of course we are not dead yet, we are weak though. The core structural, support that kept the entire system working, is not as strong as it used to be. It has grown lazy, fat, and detached from reality. The individual is what makes America strong.

America's collective strength comes from the combined moral, spiritual, mental, and physical energy that is inside all of us. Look around next time you are in public. Pay attention of what is being taught in schools. Watch how the young occupy their time. Is it making the individual stronger? Probably not. Though, they are probably having a lot of fun.

All is not lost, the tough times ahead will strengthen or kill the weak. The future will refocus the the distracted. It will bring a stark clarity to those just muddling though.

May the Lord guide us and keep us. May he hand us our foes. May we speed his vengeance though the destruction of our enemies. In the end, may He save us all.

Man of Issachar

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